Briefing Notes and Program Updates

ICGLR Regional Certification

PAC has produced a popularized briefing note on the ICGLR’s Regional Certification Mechanism, which explains the objectives of the mechanism and how it works.

Women, Security, and Resource Governance

Academic-Practitioner workshops on Gender-Based Violence
Carleton University’s Institute of African Studies and Partnership Africa Canada have been collaborating for several years.  The Director of PAC’s Great Lakes Programme, Joanne Lebert, and the Institute have co-organized two academic-practitioner workshops on Sexual Violence since 2010.  The first of these was held in Ottawa, Canada. An edited volume, based on workshop I proceedings, is to be published by Routledge Canada in 2013. With the generous funding of IDRC, SSHRC and the Canadian Embassy in Kinshasa, DRC, a second workshop was held in Bujumbura, Burundi in February 2013. To see the agenda, click here.
Drawing on some of the recommendations emerging from these two workshops, Carleton University and PAC are now exploring the possibility of supporting an academic-practitioner research.  Click here to see the draft plan.