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PAC's periodic newsletter about the international effort to end diamond-related conflict, human rights abuses and corruption around the world.

Number 36 - March 2012

  • The Case for KP Reform: If Not Now, When?
  • Civil Society and the KP: Where to Next?
  • Venezuela: A time of reckoning?
  • Angola: The case for the “other” conflict diamonds
  • Enforcement: West African Countries discuss joint strategy

Number 35 - August 2011

  • The Kimberley Process Derails Over Zimbabwe - NGOs Walk Out of Kinshasa KP Meeting, Consider Options
  • Zimbabwe?  No Double Standards Here…
  • Kinshasa Text
  • Minister Mpofu - How not to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Ethical Consumers and Africa - A Growing Disconnect
  • The Kimberley Process: Necessary, but not Sufficient
  • Looking for a Hero – Will the Diamond Industry Please Stand Up?
  • Going Round in Consensus Circles
  • Searching for a Silver Lining

Number 34 - February 2011

  • New mineral certification scheme launched
  • Zimbabwe: KP goes soft, green-lights Marange exports
  • Canadile melts down
  • Anjin: Who’s behind the latest Marange player?
  • Plenary report: Enforcing the KPCS
  • KP takes pass on Human Rights
  • DR Congo takes over KP Chair, sets out agenda
  • Conflict watch: Central African Republic, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire


Number 33 - August 2010

  • Limited Marange Exports Agreed to in St. Petersburg
  • The Road to St. Petersburg: Dead-lock Near the Dead Sea
  • A Reform Agenda: How to Strengthen the KP
  • Israel Spells Out KP Agenda
  • KP Considers Better Enforcement Strategies
  • Human Rights Activist Wins Bail
  • New Publications


Number 32 - February 2010

  • Kimberley Process Plenary in Namibia: rearranging the deck chairs?
  • Israel takes over KP leadership
  • Venezuela
  • Côte d'Ivoire
  • KP announces Monitor for Marange
  • Rapaport calls for Marange diamond ban
  • Civil Society under Attack by KP member states
  • From tragedy to farce: Zimbabwe flouts us still


Number 31 - October 2009

  • Plenary 2009: Time for Renewal: Seven Years, Seven Issues
  • A Sorry Catalogue: Current Unresolved Issues in the Kimberley Process
  • Civil Society: Here for Good
  • To the KP Plenary 2009: Remember — In Time, or In Memoriam?


Number 30 - June 2009

  • Zimbabwe: Massacre, smuggling and KP dithering
  • Venezuela update: The Kimberley sham
  • Trade bans not the answer in DRC: Report urges support for formalizing the informal sector
  • The Taylor trial: Request for acquittal rejected, son gets 97 years
  • Guinea and Lebanon: Something Fishy


Number 29 - February 2009

  • Venezuela Drops Out: The Withdrawal Method
  • Guinea Coup: Something New or Déjà vu?
  • Zimbabwe Diamond Atrocities: Kimberley Process not Interested in Human Rights
  • Is Congo Burning? Yet another Resource Conflict
  • KP Plenary Meets in India: Venezuela “Settled”
  • Ralph Hazleton


Number 28 - October 2008

  • Venezuela Saga Continues
  • KP Ineptitude Endangers Global System
  • Rekindled War in DRC
  • ‘Porous borders’ just an excuse: PAC Releases 2008 Diamond Review
  • Kimberley Statistics Revealed: ‘Limited Utility’ says Critic
  • Liberians follow Taylor Trial
  • US Toughens Diamond Regulations
  • Sierra Leone: A New Era of Reform?


Number 27 - June 2008

  • Venezuela shames Kimberley; mocks vacillating committees
  • Merchant of death arrested; caught in classic sting operation
  • Another warlord set for trial; Bemba arrest sends important signal
  • DRC mining contracts review published
  • Taylor’s missing millions
  • Côte d’Ivoire: Conflict diamonds continue
  • New DDI Publication on Sierra Leone


Number 26 - February 2008

  • Taylor War Crimes Trial Begins: PAC’s Ian Smillie is First Witness
  • Kimberley Process Annual Plenary: NGO Participation Increases – But Funding Problems Remain
  • DDI Appoints Executive Director
  • Venezuela Agrees to KP Visit
  • Congolese Diamond Reforms Remain Elusive: Diamonds Earn Diggers $1 per Day
  • Diamond Riches Contribute Little to Angolan Development: Management and Human Rights Problems Persist
  • DDI Workshop in Sierra Leone: Standards & Guidelines an Important Step


Number 25 - October 2007

  • Internal debates blight Kimberley Process
  • Taylor trial delayed until January 2008
  • Book Reviews: Doug Farah’s “Merchant of Death”, and R.T. Naylor’s “Satanic Purses: Money, Myth and Misinformation in the War on Terror”
  • Is conflict bad for private firms?
  • MediaWatch
  • “Blood Rubies” and the Burmese Junta
  • Conflict diamonds go to school


Number 24 - July 2007

  • Venezuela attacks PAC: inaction damages Kimberley Process: NGOs
  • Worries about illicit trade: KP effectiveness questioned
  • Freetown Verdict: first diamond war convictions
  • Taylor trial begins: war and crimes against humanity
  • Liberia : UN diamond embargo lifted; joins KP
  • DDI : G8 endorsement; DDI appoints new board
  • “To Have and Have Not”:  new Global Witness Report
  • Côte d’Ivoire fighting continues: peace deal and amnesty not working


Number 23 - March 2007

  • Zimbabwe diamond rush turns poisonous, accusations lead to nationalization plan
  • Diamond smuggling in Venezuela, four month failure to communicate
  • Global Witness researcher arrested in Angola, espionage charges denied
  • “Blood Diamond” fears fade, big challenges remain
  • DRC: UN Peacekeeping Mission extended, report finds natural resources fuelling new conflicts
  • Tucson gem show arrests, “rare event”
  • Canada supports EITI
  • The african “Blood Diamond” film, “Ezra” wins Golden Stallion Award


Number 22 - December 2006

  • Diamond controls in Venezuela: 100% KP "non-compliant"
  • Kimberley Process 2006: Collapse averted
  • Suddenly this winter; diamonds, diamonds everywhere: A guide
  • Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana: KP takes tough stand on conflict diamonds
  • Conflict diamonds: What percentage?
  • Blood diamond: What the reviewers say


Number 21 - October 2006

  • Brazilian Fraud wider than originally believed
  • Conflict diamonds transit Ghana
  • USGAO report on conflict diamonds
  • Conflict diamonds go to the movies
  • WDC Launches new website about diamonds
  • ARM consultation on fair trade artisanal gold


Number 20 - June 2006

  • Massive Brazilian Diamond Fraud
  • South American diamond exports in disarray
  • Charles Taylor in prison
  • Kouwenhoven war crimes trial ends
  • Diamond Development Initiative issues first report
  • Major changes afoot in Belgium : Leveling the commercial playing field
  • The two Congos : Intimidation and threats against transparency activists


Number 19 - February 2006

  • Côte d'ivoire's Conflict Diamonds: UN Security Council Imposes Worldwide Embargo
  • Diamond Development Initiative, Successful Accra Meeting
  • Kimberley Process Winds Up Third Year
  • Congolese Diamonds, Peace And Development: New Pac Report
  • Africa's Largest Peacekeeping Operation Ends:  Unamsil Closed As Of January 1
  • Liberia: Hope for a Better Future Africa's First Woman President; Taylor's Shadow
  • Polishing Diamonds In Africa, De Beers Faces Major Change


Number 18 - September 2005

  • Diamond Development Initiative begins
  • PAC uncovers million dollar Brazilian diamond smuggling fraud
  • Liberia diamond sanctions extended
  • Diamond under-valuation in Dubai
  • UN Peacekeepers set to leave Sierra Leone
  • Partnership Africa Canada call for papers


Number 17 - May 2005

  • Liberia not yet ready for diamonds
  • World's poorest country makes diamond headway 
  • Terrorist financing & diamonds 
  • Angolan credibility plummets


Number 16 - February 2005

  • Kimberley Process Monitoring
  • Stop the Bafflegab on Statistics
  • Weak Controls and ''Poverty Diamonds'' 
  • Sierra Leone Truth and Reconcialiation Commission


Number 15 - October 2004

  • Al Qaeda and Hezbollah. Charges and Countercharges Abound
  • Charles Taylor Saga. Warlord Continues to Evade Justice
  • De Beers Clears the Decks but Waters Remain Muddy. Legal Briefs: USA and DRC
  • Special PAC report. Liberia: Diamonds Without Maps


Number 14 - June 2004

  • Lebanon Dropped From Kimberley Process
  • Angolan Diamond Expulsions
  • Greater Transparency Required: Us Treasury Department Tells Industry
  • DR Congo Diamond Annual Review
  • Sierra Leone: UNAMSIL To Remain UNtil June 2005


Number 13 - March 2004

  • Liberia Update: Diamond Sanctions to be Lifted?
  • Marriott Tackeles Illicit Diamonds
  • Sierra Leone Diamond Annual Review
  • Meeus Attacks Canada
  • Major Increase in Legal Diamonds Exports


Number 12 - December 2003

  • Sun City Progress: Kimberley Process Starts to Grow Teeth
  • ICC Targets Blood Diamonds
  • Charles Taylor Continues to Evade Justice
  • Congo & Liberia Panel Reports
  • Russian Diamond Crackdown?
  • TNCs in Conflict-prone Zones


Number 11 - September 2003

  • New Kimberley Membership List Announced
  • Central African Republic Review
  • Breakthrough on Statistics
  • Sierra Leone Struggles for Control
  • Liberia: Taylor Resigns
  • Books, Publications and more


Number 10 - June 2003

  • Progress at Kimberley Meeting
  • UN Liberia Sanctions Renewed
  • Anglo American and De Beers: $6bn. Apartheid Lawsuit
  • Congloese NGOs Slam Security Council, Belgium
  • Lebanese Attack PAC Report
  • Sierra Leone Special Court
  • New Publications


Number 9- March 2003

  • Confusion Greets KP Startup
  • Security Council Up-date
  • World Diamond Council Releases Kimberley Guide
  • Diamond Peace Alliance Inaugurated in Sierra Leone
  • New Publications
  • Campaign Information, Books, Mediawatch


Number 8- November 2002

  • Kimberley Certification Scheme Agreed
  • DRC Report Condemns Pillage of Diamonds, Natural Resources
  • 'Diamond Relief Fund' for Poor Producers
  • UN Liberia Panel Reports
  • New Reports from Diamonds and Human Security Project


Number 7- September 2002

  • Kimberley Process and the G8 - Better Accountability and Greater Transparency
  • Al Qaeda and the Quality of Terror - Editorial
  • Congolese NGOs Form a New Network
  • Kimberley Process - EC Preparations & US Response
  • Canadian Police Report: Terrorist Threat Real


Number 6 - May 2002

  • Kimberley Process: Partial Breakthrough
  • GAO Repeats Condemnation of Weak Kimberley Agreement
  • US Legislation: The Beat Goes On
  • Liberia Panel Reports
  • Angola Peace Hopes


Number 5 - March 2002

  • GAO Condemns Weak Kimberley Provisions
  • 'Peace' in Sierra Leone
  • Hall and Wolf Blast US Inaction
  • UN Debate on Conflict Diamonds
  • Australian Diamond Industry Under Threat


Number 4 - December 2001

  • Kimberley 'Agreement': Half Measures
  • Al Qaeda: The Diamond Connection
  • UN Expert Panel Reports: Illicit Diamond Trade Continues Unabated
  • U.S. Passes Conflict Diamond Bill


Number 3 - October 2001

  • Conflict Diamonds are Forever? Major NGO disappointment with Kimberley Process
  • Conflict Diamonds: Crossing European Borders
  • Stop Blood Diamonds Now! Civil society support for a meaningful certification process
  • Sierra Leone: War Over?
  • Certification and Legislation updates


Number 2 - June 2001

  • Kimberly process stalled?
  • Tentative peace deal in Sierra Leone
  • DRC expert panel releases report
  • De Beers suspends Angola operations
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: 2.5 million 'Excess' deaths in 33 months
  • UN Sanctions on Libera
  • Conflicting diamond battle in US Congress
  • Conflict diamonds: Polls guage public reaction


Number 1 - April 2001

  • Research Project Expands
  • US Warns Liberia
  • Namibian Diamond Mining in Congo
  • UN Deadline for Congo Troop Withdrawals
  • Security Council Discusses UNITA Sanctions
  • Kimberley Process Expands