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PAC's periodic newsletter on the international effort to end diamond-related conflict, human rights abuses and corruption around the world.

March 2012

Number 36

  • The Case for KP Reform: If Not Now, When?
  • Civil Society and the KP: Where to Next?
  • Venezuela: A time of reckoning?
  • Angola: The case for the “other” conflict diamonds
  • Enforcement: West African Countries discuss joint strategy

August 2011

Number 35

  • The Kimberley Process Derails Over Zimbabwe - NGOs Walk Out of Kinshasa KP Meeting, Consider Options
  • Zimbabwe?  No Double Standards Here…
  • Kinshasa Text
  • Minister Mpofu - How not to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Ethical Consumers and Africa - A Growing Disconnect
  • The Kimberley Process: Necessary, but not Sufficient
  • Looking for a Hero – Will the Diamond Industry Please Stand Up?
  • Going Round in Consensus Circles
  • Searching for a Silver Lining

February 2011

Number 34

  • New mineral certification scheme launched
  • Zimbabwe: KP goes soft, green-lights Marange exports
  • Canadile melts down
  • Anjin: Who’s behind the latest Marange player?
  • Plenary report: Enforcing the KPCS
  • KP takes pass on Human Rights
  • DR Congo takes over KP Chair, sets out agenda
  • Conflict watch: Central African Republic, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire

August 2010

Number 33

  • Limited Marange Exports Agreed to in St. Petersburg
  • The Road to St. Petersburg: Dead-lock Near the Dead Sea
  • A Reform Agenda: How to Strengthen the KP
  • Israel Spells Out KP Agenda
  • KP Considers Better Enforcement Strategies
  • Human Rights Activist Wins Bail
  • New Publications

February 2010

Number 32

  • Kimberley Process Plenary in Namibia: rearranging the deck chairs?
  • Israel takes over KP leadership
  • Venezuela
  • Côte d'Ivoire
  • KP announces Monitor for Marange
  • Rapaport calls for Marange diamond ban
  • Civil Society under Attack by KP member states
  • From tragedy to farce: Zimbabwe flouts us still

October 2009

Number 31

  • Plenary 2009: Time for Renewal: Seven Years, Seven Issues
  • A Sorry Catalogue: Current Unresolved Issues in the Kimberley Process
  • Civil Society: Here for Good
  • To the KP Plenary 2009: Remember — In Time, or In Memoriam?