Press Releases

Failure to suspend Zimbabwe from blood diamond scheme undermines efforts to end abuses and clean up international trade

Adope-PDF  November 6th, 2009

Campaigners call for urgent action on Zimbabwe blood diamonds and wider reform of the Kimberley Process to prevent abuse

Adope-PDF  October 29th, 2009

Global diamond certification system failing. Smuggling, human rights abuse and government inaction threaten global scheme, say Canadian NGO.

Adope-PDF  October 15th, 2009

Zimbabwe's blood diamonds not key to economic recovery. Suspending Zimbabwe from the Kimberley Process is Essential.

Adope-PDF  August 3rd, 2009

Diamond meeting makes some progress but governments need to renew commitments, say Civil Society Groups

Adope-PDF  June 26th, 2009

Blood diamonds - time to plug the leaks Civil Society Groups warn Kimberley Process effectiveness compromised

Adope-PDF  June 19th, 2009