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PAC's former research director Ian Smillie, has published a new book, Diamonds
Read about the book here.

Proposed EU law will not keep conflict resources out of Europe

Global Witness - 5 March, 2014

Mining industry endorses 'game changer' transparency rules

The Globe and Mail - 16 January, 2014

The flawed diamond sale: Sanctions lifted on gemstones from Zimbabwe

The Independent - 15 December, 2013

Le Canada obligera les minières à divulguer les sommes versées aux gouvernements

Le Devoir - 13 June, 2013

Harper announces mining, oil and gas companies to face tougher rules on payments to foreign governments

The National Post - 12 June 2013

Canada signs on to tighter rules on companies' foreign payments

The Globe and Mail - 12 June, 2013