Who We Are

Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) is a global leader in developing innovative approaches to strengthen natural resource governance. For almost 30 years, PAC has collaborated with partners to promote policy dialogue and solutions for sustainable development.

PAC focuses on:

Investigating and reporting on the lack of accountability, poor governance, and human rights violations associated with conflict minerals.

Developing and implementing solutions in collaboration with local partners to improve natural resource governance, including the certification of conflict minerals and clean supply chains. 

Providing capacity-building and technical assistance to support transparency in the mining sector, including the development of industry guidelines.

Promoting policies and programs that support gender equality and women's entrepreneurship in artisanal mining.

We were co-nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for our work to end the trade of conflict diamonds and our efforts to help establish the Kimberley Process diamond certification scheme. 

PAC collaborates closely with regional and international initiatives, including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region. We are a member of Publish What You Pay-Canada, a coalition that promotes accountability and transparency in the natural resource sector.