Breaking the Resource Curse

  • Conflict Diamonds

    Read how PAC helps lead the global campaign to regulate   this extremely valuable, easily smuggled and highly conflict-prone mineral.

  • Conflict  Minerals

    Learn how PAC is working to mitigate conflict and boost economic opportunity in the natural resource sector of Africa's Great Lakes region.

  • Revenue Transparency

    Find out how PAC and its partners are tackling corruption by increasing transparency in the   extractive sector.

  • Diamond Watchlist

    Are all diamonds clean and "conflict free"? PAC identifies trouble-spots in the diamond supply chain.


In The News

PAC's former research director Ian Smillie, has published a new book, Diamonds
Read about the book here.
Proposed EU law will not keep conflict resources out of Europe
Global Witness - 5 March, 2014
Joe Oliver wants miners to disclose foreign payments
CBC News - 3 March, 2014

Press Releases

PAC Welcomes First ICGLR-Certified Conflict-Free Mineral Certificates from Rwanda

Adope-PDFNovember 15th, 2013

Opening Comments to the KP Intersessional - Kimberley, South Africa

Adope-PDFJune 4th, 2013